Toyota Unveils Robot Baby ‘Kirobo Mini’ in Japan

Toyota Unveils Robot Baby ‘Kirobo Mini’ in Japan

Toyota Unveils Robot Baby ‘Kirobo Mini’ in Japan

Toyota Motors will begin selling the KIROBO mini robot in Japan next year, potentially appealing to an ageing, shrinking population where human interactions for some have decreased. Read more… »

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Labour government will stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia: Corbyn


The leader of the British opposition party, Jeremy Corbyn, says a Labour government will halt arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

Corbyn made the remarks during a speech on the fourth day of the annual Labour Party Conference in Liverpool in northwest England on Wednesday. Read more… »

Saudis grandstanding but Iran has upper hand


As OPEC countries gather in Algiers on Wednesday to discuss how to stabilize the oil market, Saudi Arabia has resorted to political grandstanding against Iran.

The American news agency Bloomberg took up the task on Tuesday to set the Saudi agenda, claiming that the kingdom was open to compromise with Iran. Read more… »