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How The Iowa Caucus Works, Explained By Lego

We’ve been hearing a whole lot about the Iowa Caucuses, but often with little context about how that process actually works. Vermont Public Radio has put together an entertaining short that explains the process, in Lego.

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Sonic Booms Are So Powerful That They Will Easily Shatter Windows

United States Navy testing of its new F-35C fighter jet off the coast of New Jersey caused a noise so loud that some thought it was an earthquake
. But the noise in question wasn’t geological in nature, but rather a sonic boom. The shock waves generated by a plane cresting the sound barrier are so powerful that they’ll easily shatter windows, like these two jets did in Brazil back in 2012.

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To Get Customers Acclimated To Rotary Telephones, Theaters Played This PSA

Telephones got their start in the late nineteenth century, connected through exchanges. In the early twentieth century, however, Bell introduced a new dial system, and needed to tell callers how to use it.

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